Part 1 : Lifting the Veil

Knowledge is power! Divorce comes at a high cost. Are you ready?

This 4 hour interactive workshop
explores the following:

  • What are the implications of divorce?
  • What is the divorce procedure?
  • How is the antenuptual contract implemented?
  • How does care and contact work after implementation of the new childrens act?
  • What about maintenance for the children and spousal maintenance
  • What is mediation and what is facilitation? How does it work?
  • Which court do you approach
  • What is legal cost and how much does divorce cost?
  • Is divorce your answer?
  • Are there other options to divorce
  • What do you need to do before you take the first steps.
  • Through this you will be empowered to find freedom in your choice of direction.

Part 2 : Nothing but the Truth

When people buy houses or cars they investigate the market. When people divorce many make the decision around tea or in a bar with mates.

This is an in depth 20 hour workshop, spread over 5 weeks.

You will be enabled to:

  • Make an informed choice about divorce or separation.
  • Learn to manage your emotions during the period of divorce and after divorce.
  • Know what you want from your divorce and how to get it.
  • Plan your divorce properly, to the best interest of all.


Creating your life during and after ending a relationship or going through a divorce

This interactive workshop consists of 20 hours, split over 5 weeks.

You will :

  • Discover what you want for your
    new life.
  • Build a "Life Plan"
  • Discover who you are, as
    a "single" person.
  • Who you want to be in your new life.
  • How to achieve this new Life.
  • Build new relationship with your children, your ex, your ex's new partner and your own significant other.
  • With divorce comes a completion and creation of friendships. How to handle this.


If you want something new in your life, something needs to change.

During this 20 hour workshop, split over 5 weeks or a weekend, you and your partner will establish a space for a renewed creation of your relationship.

Together, you will look at the behaviors and hurdles that previously prevented a fulfilling relationship and find new routes and
possibilities for the way forward.

As a couple you will look at the bigger picture, focusing on what you would like to see in that image. What role do you as a family play in that future?

Together you will re-envision, refocus and rebuild your relationship as we provide some of the tools needed to support you when things get tough.


We are who we believe we are:

In this 18 hour interactive workshop you
will discover:

  • What is self esteem?
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Why do you to act "small" and insecure, defensive etc.
  • Who you can be?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What to do to stay that person.
  • Use feedback as a tool not a baseball bat.


When you are faced with divorce, retrenchment, sudden illness, or your career does not make sense anymore, you are being called for something bigger and better.

During this 15 hour course over 5 weeks we will support you as you find your way “out of the woods”.

Rediscover fun in life, develop your life plan and take the first steps towards living life fully.


Available in South Africa only.

In this 3 hour workshop you will get all that you need to know and do before you go to maintenance court. You will be prepared on procedure and evidence preparation. You will be prepared for the mediation sessions with the maintenance officer.

If you don’t settle, all that your attorney will need to do is do the trial and you will save thousands on legal costs.


Available in South Africa only.

The pro's and cons of the marriage and civil union act.

In this 3 hour workshop you will hear about

  • The different marriage regimes.
  • The benefits of each.
  • The benefits and consequence of living together with and withou a contract.
  • Real life examples of what each of the above bring.


Available in South Africa only.

Life without a purpose and vision is like a ship without a cap radar.

This 15 hour experiencial workshop will support you to

  • Know what you want
  • Know your life purpose
  • Find your strubble blocks
  • Learn to course correct
  • Powerfully create your results and life
  • Powerfully create the relationship you want


Available in South Africa only.

Life is about connecting if you like it or not.

This is an 18 hour experiencial workshop about

  • The different aspects of connection
  • How to connect in a way that you will be heard and can hear another
  • Great communication tools are learned