To divorce or separate is one of the most important and costly decisions you may ever have to make.

We offer a variety of short and advanced courses where you will discover if you are ready for your relationship to end. You will look at the implications of your choices, you will discover freedom and you will return to your truth, passion and balance.

In the advanced work you will have the opportunity to plan your divorce, rebuild your relationship, or reconstruct your life after divorce.

Life is a journey filled with courageous actions. We invite you to join us and take a step toward experiencing your own true freedom.



Freedom Finder South Africa

Manndi Schuld has been a divorce attorney in Cape Town for 19 years. During this time she has experienced the debilitating effect of divorce on the family unit and society.

Noticing these effects, Manndi began to promote personal growth in her clients and has been a personal and life coach, using her skills in the practice, since 2005.

Manndi spend 9 months on a horse ranch in Texas, living her passion, and creating Freedom Finder. In her profession she is focussing on individual and family restoration by facilitating workshops and reviewing the conflict during the divorce process. She is also doing motivational talks at, businesses, conferences, churches and any other groups that want to know what is possible in life.